Posted by: lecubiste | July 13, 2008

The Spirit Flies Free

Below is the cover of my new book of poetry, coming out this November. This book is a compilation of poems I have written over the last 34 years. In the introduction is briefly explained my history of poem writing and my process. I have been very lucky to have JJ Semple publish it. JJ has put together a publishing company and has two of his own books at his publishing website, Life Force Books.

I included a section of notes at the back to explain some of the poems – what was the inspiration, how did it come to me, and other things. Right now we are getting reviews of the book for inclusion on the back cover. There will be a publicity campaign for the book once it is out, and I will be doing public readings and signings.

Of course no one makes money on poetry, but these poems mean a lot to me. They were written out of my inspiration and experience and they touch on deep subjects. In fact, most of them touch on very personal religious, philosophical, and political themes, and a few love poems over the years.

The Spirit Flies Free

When the conflict strikes between desire and obstacle,

In the midst of chaos,

An echo is heard,

The cry of a bird, and

The spirit flies free.

The heart that opens,

One eye to the round world,

Finds a place unmolested by cares and concerns,

A place uncontested where,

The spirit flies free.

In the cosmic maelstrom of duties and progress,

The pull of the heavens

Overcomes the earth’s hold

As one’s wings unfold, and

The spirit flies free.

book cover

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