Posted by: lecubiste | September 2, 2008

The Living Imperative

The Living Imperative
It is not the conscious mind
That drives the engines of our cells.
Flowing through us is the living elixir,
The living imperative,
To be alive!
The Conscious mind becomes
The interface of life and death-
The mitigator of
The forces of Nature, and
The forces of birth, growth, and regeneration.
In all of us lives the drive
That rises from the living sea,
Consciousness – the living foam
On the waves of rapture
That underlie all we do.
The living imperative embodied,
The foundation of all our values,
All our morality,
Our conscience:
The sharp-pointed tip of
This sense of Life,
Of purpose,
Of living in the Way.
August 30th, early afternoon
Yoshi’s, San Francisco

Later that same day, a haiku

The tea was quite nice,
Delicious to the bottom,
Cool ceremony.

and later, still at Yoshi’s


what are we that we are not?
Great.  Tall.  Proud.  Wise.
we are all these things.
in our dream self,
the dream self that is present
when we forget who we are,
and become what we are not,
when we are who we can become,
when we cease to filter the grand,
and be.


  1. How do these thoughts relate to your every day behavior? I like the idea of “being” with rather than following my every thought but find it difficult to do passive awareness like the Krishnamurti writings.

  2. My best answer is that we all can strengthen our calmness through one of three activities – meditation, prayer, and service. When we focus on activities that center us emotionally and spiritually, we create within us more of a space for such calmness. Yoga and Tai Chi are also forms of meditative practice that are directed toward the same result. Practicing at the beginning and/or the end of every day creates a result after a period of time.

  3. Very nice poems, really like them…

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