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Heaven, Hell, and Yoga

I spoke to a new friend after yoga last night.  She told me her personal story.  Five years ago she had been a drug addict.  When she started doing yoga she was taking smoking breaks.  She had no money, she was hanging out with a negative crowd.  Her yoga teacher  told her that she could come for thirty days for free, but that she had to come every day, “…or don’t come back.”

She told me that she would leave the yoga studio during the session, vomit, and go back in.  One day she realized that she was tired of feeling sick all the time, and something in her changed.  I was reminded of the saying from the Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tse which reads,

To be sick of sickness is the end of sickness

I was also reminded of the truth for all addictions that comes from the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism that

Desire is the cause of suffering

In the New Testament, Jesus says that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.  This greatly differs from the teaching that heaven and hell are in the afterlife, or are a future state of human civilization.  Jesus said unless you become as a child you cannot become as he was, meaning that one had to go through a process of rebirth of the self in one’s lifetime, like a caterpillar is reborn as a butterfly, a new state that evolves from a previous one.

What was he saying?  He was saying that the spiritual rebirth, the nirvakalpi samadhi of the Hindus is the way to become spiritually transformed.  When he is said to be the Son of God, it refers to the life lived on the spiritual path led by the hand of God, not the biological father but the spiritual leader, his source of guidance, his Way.  In that sense everything he taught is consistent with all the other great spiritual traditions of the world.

So what I am saying is that Jesus can be on the one hand demystified from having turned water into wine and walking on water, and instead seen as a man, and on the other hand having risen to the highest spiritual state that it is possible for a human being to achieve, the state of Christhood or Buddhahood.  The mythological meaning of heaven and hell then are in this life, not after death.  This shift in emphasis turns morality into a real thing, not a means to some future reward but a necessity and an aspect of good medicine in the present.  Here are two poems that I have written on Heaven and Hell.

When the Creator and the Created Are One

Above the apex of the pyramid,
On the other side of the mirror,
In the earth beneath the Great Wall of China,
Is a state of being beyond fear.

The instantaneous creation of
The universe far and near
Emanates from the center of Love
Where all is dear.

Wherever the mind is concentrated,
There God is found for sure;
The Tao, the Way, the Buddha path,
The Christhood in azure.

When subject and object are all the same,
When sense and sensor merge,
When star clusters are everything,
When the perceived is also the urge,

Then reality reveals its essence,
Time and space disappear,
All conscious conceptual creation
Vanishes into thin air.

This stupor ecstatic, this cosmic vapor
That permeates the fields
Of all awareness, all reality,
Lasts until heaven finally yields.

Then the Earth looms large and rushes up,
As gravity returns to feel
Life’s struggles, conflicts, and challenges,
Suddenly again real.
This moment of nirvana,
This orgasmic zeal,
Recreates the vessel of the soul,
Adds psychic sense to wield.

When Love and Truth merge into One,
When Will and Body kneel,
God’s ecstatic presence is
All the perceivers feel.

And though the meditator tries,
No undoing can congeal.
The changes made are permanent,
No going back is real.

This change of mind, heart, soul, and body
Flows with a synchronistic keel;
The journeyer must then submit
To a life of dreams that heal.


Treatise on Hell      
Hell: A state of mind
Characterized by desperation,
Spiritual disintegration;
Bad attitude and negation,
Attack and death across the nation,
Evil world ruled by Satan,
Human failing’s personification;
Sickness within, personal stagnation,
Criminal incarceration,
War and hatred’s institutionalization.
To understand this view of heaven and hell in this life is utterly liberating in that one can reject the mythological and irrational clinging to the “miracles” of the Bible, and yet accept the complete responsibility of living in the moment with its moral content associated with each act of ours.  In other words, what I am saying is that for those in pursuit of the actual tradition of Jesus, the path of the Christ and the Buddha, it is found through immediate empirical moral behavior as judged through the heart and the conscience.  The compliance with institutionalized “Morality”, defined as obedience to church authority in contradistinction to the obvious nature of injustice and lack of compassion, can be rejected while still retaining the message of the Christ.
This does not throw out the spiritual baby with the Religious Power Structure/Church bathwater.  This is not to say that a religious institution could not be created to teach the purely spiritual aspects of the Life of Jesus.  Such a thing is entirely possible, but if it were to occur it would embrace the message of all the great leaders – Lao-tse, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Rumi, Jesus, Mohammed, Gautama, Moses, Bahá’u’lláh, Zoroaster, Krishna, and many others.
Heaven is achievable in this lifetime through many paths.  It is an experience that transforms the individual into an amplified spiritual being.  The practice of yoga is one example of the this path towards spiritual transformation, toward the experience of heaven.
The yoga concept is one of gradually raising the energy of the kundalini, the source of concentrated spirit, chi, prana up the spine through the chakras to the uppermost chakra.  From achieving this the prana spills over into the mind and transforms the person into an “enlightened being”.  This is the meaning of Jesus’ rebirth.
Gopi Krishna wrote a great deal about this in The Biological Basis of Genius, The Secret of Yoga, and other works.  Much of Krishna’s knowledge came directly from studying the Vedas, the ancient texts of India.  Krishna experienced the sudden awakening, the full arousal of kundalini during a sitting meditation that began an automatic transformation within him that took decades to complete.
I understand this because I too experienced the full arousal decades ago.  Krishna suggested that there were many who would be going through this transformation, and emphasized the importance of a study of this phenomenon.  I certainly agree with his conclusions and want to encourage any who are currently undergoing this experience to feel free to email me or place comments in this blog.
JJ Semple has written The Backward Flowing Method, and Philip St. Romain has written about Christianity and Kundalini, each describing their own kundalini experiences.  It seems that the spiritual revolution is coming as more people experience this spontaneous awakening within.  Let us hope that this will help humanity avert the otherwise terrible future that seems to await us as resources dwindle and population grows.


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