Posted by: lecubiste | December 3, 2012

The Prophet 2012 and Interconceptuality


The activated kundalini is like a fountain that streams revelation. Once it is on and stays on, the uninterrupted flow reveals deep insights into the nature of reality, first regarding the individual and then about the Universe itself. As I live my life, there is a flow of new concepts and images that is the actual metabolic byproduct of my transforming organic system.  All prophets use this same source, or rather, perhaps it uses the prophets. 
Whether in poetry or interconceptuality, knowledge comes to us and we are only vessels for it. Prophecy is the result of the interaction of the activated kundalini on the human being. It is rare and alas, there are many fake prophets.
Interconceptuality means that all ideas are part of an interconnected, integrated whole. When we understand the mutual causality, the dialectic if you will, of differing levels of analysis and of different fields of ideas, revealed to us are important insights into nature, ourselves, and our civilization. We see wholistic views that are superior to the limited and misleading reductionist concepts of partial and incomplete world views.
Without a doubt, the human species could take better advantage of the existence of its prophets if it were more astute and clear headed, but our scientists are afraid of the very idea of any kind of extra-sensory perception (ESP), since it is beyond their knowledge. It threatens their world view and seems to be a possible return path to superstition, which they thought they were successfully extinguishing. I would say to them,
” Do you know how everything works?  Do you know how your car works?  But you drive it.  Prophecy is the same.  Just because you can’t explain it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.”
At the opposite end of the spectrum, the prophets of the past have left institutions that are now lifeless carcasses that adopted their teachings but lack the wisdom to expand their knowledge base, or the flexibility to add new insight. They are often shrouded in superstition, and are wrapped in power and wealth. This is a hard time to be a prophet.  I wrote the following poem to express this:
The Prophet Blues
Is there anybody out there?
No one can hear me.  Where is everyone, where?
I listen to the seagulls sing,
‘Joy to the newborn king’.
The ocean roars, the surf it pours,
Currents sweep along its shores,
Cascading droplets in an endless stream,
I’m listening as in a dream.
God is talking to me,
The collective unconscious is pouring free,
The future of history is ours to see,
Me, the seagulls, and the sea.
The chatter of the human race
Fills the void of endless space,
Nobody listening to me at all,
These runes of truth in the Kingdom Hall.
Unnoticed, unrecognized,
Lonely and paralyzed,
Watching suffering, sickness, all
While ignorance leads to death’s pall.
Yea the poor prophet, heed these words:
You’re better off with the dorks and the nerds.
There’s no advantage in the mainstream crowd.
Consuming products is what they’re about.
So hang in there, don’t expire,
The rocks and trees are really on fire.
They may be your best friends after all –
At least they’ll answer your telephone call.
Neil   3-31-08

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