Posted by: lecubiste | June 17, 2014

Love and Magic


There are two ways I live by:

The Light and my heart.

Neither is rational nor reasonable,

Either works through intuition,

Both depend on my integrity.


Magic, the real kind, not the illusion,

Holds the world together.

Magic is the source of all religion.

Magic is the essence of all miracles.

Rare but not nonexistent.

It is my second nature,

That magic, that Tao, that Brahman,

That “One without a second”

Takes life to a different level,

Transcends the petty rational mind,

Caught in its dualism.

It’s what I do, Listening

To the sound of distant music,

Dreaming with my eyes open,

Changing the world from that place.


Love is another form of magic,

Rooted in the warm ocean of emotion,

Devolving from a deep place,

Generations old, eons old,

Coming from the Mother of us all.

This is the other way I make decisions,

In accordance with my heart,

Avoiding hatred and bitterness,

Seeking love and fear,

Thereby to become stronger.


These two are my life,

My path of zigzag zen.



June 16th, 2014



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