Posted by: lecubiste | February 23, 2015

What is the World Now Going Through?

What is the world now going through?

Climate change is freezing cities,

Drowning towns, or dehydrating;

Suicide bombers seeking Allah

Invoking fear by the hour;

No such thing as Privacy,

No one is from the hackers free;

Species entering extinction,

Global economies teetering,

Science overwhelms religion,

Fundamentalists fighting wisdom.

Mayans said a New Age dawned

In December 2012, a new morn’.


Where is the Utopian world

Dreamed of by philosophers,

The Greening of America,

The promise of Star Trek, Arcadia,

Universal tolerance and diversity,

Environmental and economic sustainability,

The triumph of justice and equality?

From the Green Revolution, there is food aplenty.

There is energy from the Sun,

An endless supply combined

With wind to keep us all satisfied.

There is the Internet we use,

Available almost everywhere,

Electric transportation coming

To clean the polluted air.

Trans-ocean shipping, high speed rail,

Recycling technology,

Enough to stop all this pollution

And clean up plastics in the sea.


Yet we fight over oil and gas in Ukraine and Sudan,

The whole swath of Arabia at war until kingdom come.

Coal kings and oil giants resistant to change,

Delaying a solution, worsening the damage.

Politics as usual – vicious dishonesty,

Unscrupulous and illegal bribery,

As if there was no understanding

Of the seriousness of the crises coming.


Given all of the above,

Behemoths careening down a hill,

What could possibly stop disaster,

The bombs and floods, famine and ill?

It seems that we must all do our best

To learn and change as best we can;

To live our lives in quiet simplicity,

In harmony with Nature’s Plan.

It brings me no joy to prophesize

This image of the future bleak,

But it seems there is no escaping

The human race’s character weak.

It is naïve and foolish to

Believe that there is an easy out,

Misfortune must be endured

On our path to a future, no doubt.


There is no supreme moral lesson –

Humanity acts as bacteria do.

Grow until there is no food,

Then starvation and disease ensue.

The one lesson we can learn,

Is to live in eternal balance,

Always aware of our surroundings,

Living in the Way without malice.

There is still hope for our survival,

A greater vision still can come true –

A united world in natural balance,

Is a future that may yet come through.

As such we must not lose our faith,

But endure when times are hard –

There are far more things in heaven and earth,

Than in your dreams, quoth the bard.

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