Posted by: lecubiste | March 29, 2017

The Simple Spirit of Freedom

Not religious complications

Nor complex ideology;

Not a life of rules and regulations

Nor idiomatic phraseology

Provides satisfaction or emotional peace,

Self-acceptance or love,

Nor trouble’s surcease.


These things can only arrive from

Courage and humility,

Facing fear and staying alive, and

Accepting our status humbly.


Freeing the spirit and letting it wander,

Overcoming the chains that hold back our wonder;

These are the methods to heal our enslavement,

Transcend our limitations, and release our amazement .


The simple spirit of freedom is what we want,

To slip the chains of control and confront

The devil that demands our supplication and bending

In a life of dependency and obedience never-ending;

Or the psychological games we play inside us,

The maze with no exit that traps us like Midas,

With a golden touch that kills all around us,

A gift of wealth that becomes a curse,

The poverty of freedom that accompanies a bulging purse.


No, freedom is simple, its spirit around us.

Look to the stars for guidance, 

They’ve already found us.

The world of spirit, of information,

A medium of consciousness, of contemplation,

Forever exists, we just need to listen.

It’s there, it’s real; it beckons and glistens.











  1. It seems that our spirit persists throughout one’s life to fully advance into its freedom. You are right, it continually beckons us to dance. How many times we say “No” because of fear is an interesting phenomena. As I become more aware of “Fear’s Game”, I realize how much of my Spirit has been in exile over my lifetime. I am ever grateful for the experience of Kundalini Shakti and how many new things have entered my life without the overhanging tyranny of fear. A poem entitled “Fear’s Game” came after this experience. It was very eye-opening. A conversation with Fear.

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