Posted by: lecubiste | June 10, 2017

We look in the mirror to see ourselves

We look in the mirror to see ourselves, but

We see only our reflection, our outside, our superficial surface.

We see nothing of our inside.

To see our inside we need to look inside,

But the ego, the reflected self that we see in the mental mirror,

Blocks our view.

We must smash that mirror to see past it, and into ourselves.

Inside is a feeling that lies beneath the mirror.

To find liberation, to wake up, to activate our inner power,

We must smash the mirror.


Through loyalty to truth,

Through the courage to feel the truth inside us,

Through humility and confession,

Through letting the ego go

Into the mists of nonreality, and

Acknowledging our flaws.

NBS  Daning, Beijing

June 6, 2017



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