Posted by: lecubiste | November 16, 2017

What is Hate?

Hatred starts in the heart as anger –  

A desire blocked in frustration.

Anger becomes displaced rage,

A hallmark of our brave new age,

Projected at a human target,

Resentment bottled, a wild beast caged.


Hatred can become contagious,

Passed down over generations,

A parent becomes a model,

A child learns by imitation.

A social class in isolation,

In the 1920s, the German nation,

Japan along the coast of Asia,

Genocide throughout the ages.


An arrogant new religion forms,

As empires spread through hegemony,

European colonialism,

Africans in slavery.

A feeling of entitlement,

New wealth from new technology,

Classes in financial conflict,

Revolution and tyranny.


Hatred spreads through propaganda,

Sheer lies and exaggeration,

Soon it grips a startled nation,

Division and polarization.

Behind the scenes is manipulation,

Wealth and capitalization,

Using hatred as a means to

Steer the country’s population.


Hatred is part of the social landscape,

A tool for politicization,

A wagon load of misplaced anger,

A complex web of miscreation.

Alienated leaders use

Hatred as a deadly weapon

Against all those who would threaten

Their thrones overlooking civilization.


Hatred is a social disease

That starts in one’s psychology.

It preys on human weaknesses

And ends in death and tragedy.

To solve hate one must clear the heart,

Be honest with one’s self and others,

Empty the soul of its baggage,

And heal the mind its injured parts.


Practice prayer and meditation,

Service in humility,

Non-violent communication, and

Treating everyone equally.




Victorian Estates


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