Posted by: lecubiste | June 28, 2018

The Integration of Space and Earth

The mind enters heaven slowly.

Einstein and relativity,

Tesla and AC Power,

The abstract and imaginative,

Picasso.  Mondrian. Pollack.

Slips gently into an ethereal world,

Formless, shapeless, infinite.


The body touches the earth.

Feels warm, wet, soil.

Tastes, touches, smells

The incontinent old goat,

The guts of a squid,

Nails and screws,

Tacks and hammers,


Steel bridges,

Tools, structures,




I gaze into her eyes,

Longing hidden in that sweet smile.

Is it love or passion?

I see that if I want to be whole,

I must feel everything:

My world,

Her energy,

My strength,

All of it.


6-27-18; Victorian Estates


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