Posted by: lecubiste | August 6, 2018

The Great Race

The triathlete slips into a higher gear.

The Maui landscape floats by,

The island in the ocean

That feeds the human species,

While we dump into it our trash.

The race is on:

Will we destroy our planetary environment, or

Will we become responsible global managers first?

Will we burn up all the fossil fuel needed

To choke the air and heat the globe, or

Will we learn to conserve and share our earth’s bounty?

Will we grow a larger awareness of the damage we are doing and

How to fix it, or

Will we bludgeon each other through old tribal hatreds.

Can we grow up and stop destroying our ecosystems, or

Will we drown in our own pollution?

Can we become planetary citizens, or

Will we retreat into racist xenophobes,

Hiding in separatist enclaves.

Icebergs melt while islands of plastic trash float in the oceans.

Environmental organizations struggle to preserve threatened species.

War plagues the world, while disease and famine kill millions.

The United Nations seeks international cooperation.

Fires burn, drought sizzles, hurricanes destroy.

Trees are planted, protesters protect rain forests.

Chemicals poison water supplies,

Water conservation moves forward.

The Paris treaty is signed by all countries.

The biggest polluter withdraws.

This is a race! Can we change how the world operates in order to save ourselves,

Or will we destroy it first?

Can Love, Wisdom, and Courage

Overcome fear, greed, and selfishness?

There is yet hope.


Prescott, AZ


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