Posted by: lecubiste | March 24, 2019

We All Have Our Faults

We all have our faults and misunderstandings,

Our passions that from time to time control us.

Yet when we realize the truths of Life,

A seriousness of attitude overtakes us.


Smoking causes lung cancer.

Fossil fuels are  heating the Earth.

Pornography and prostitution are part of the slave trade.

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug.

Guns may not kill people,

But people kill people with guns.

Wealth is not the goal of religion,

Overpopulation threatens the world.

The environment we destroy is our Mother.

Prisons are universities of crime.

Millions stay sick because they don’t care about themselves.

Many religious leaders are feathering their own nests.

Most politicians are controlled by wealth and power.

Over-indulged children are spoiled.


Life and Death are equal and opposite,

The one cannot exist without the other.

To clear out all the fantasy and illusion,

Reveals the real world, free of distortion.


Victoria Estates


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