Posted by: lecubiste | September 17, 2019

Life has its pleasures


Life has its pleasures,

Its feasts, its adventures, its comforts.

Its joys, its secret rendezvous,

We are all programmed by Nature

To satisfy our inborn desires.


Yet Nature and Life may block our secretions,

Our goals, our objectives, our targets.

Frustrated, we turn to other methods

To titillate and scintillate our senses:

Food, drink, drugs, and driving;

Sex real and imagined;

Rage, violence, and destruction;

Freud’s sublimated impulses –

These cause civilization’s discontents.

All manner of socio and psycho pathologies-

The rapists and the killers,

The con artists and grifters,

The fakes, thieves, quacks, and impersonators –

All frustrated at a very early age –

Diverted from nature’s organic path,

Chasing substitutes for ordinary pleasure.



Prescott, MAG




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