Posted by: lecubiste | May 15, 2020

The Buddha said Desire Causes Suffering

The Buddha said –Desire causes Suffering –

I say suffering comes from expectation,

Taking the present moment for granted,

Waiting for what has always been

To reach manifestation.

When we live in the future and the past,

We fail living in the eternal present,

Expecting what has been to be maintained,

As if God were a creature of habit,

But change happens and nothing is forever,

Not buildings, not glaciers, not friendships, nor one’s health.

When we accustom ourselves to past realities,

We are guaranteed to be shocked within our self.

That job you had was washed away in the recession,

That beach house swept away in a tsunami,

The once mighty and great diminished,

Now rendered like a baby crying Mommy.

Yes life has suffering, it’s universal,

The Buddha’s word on that is surely final,

But how to avoid it, that’s the key,

Staying in the here and now is a major trial.





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