Posted by: lecubiste | June 12, 2021

The Complex Diseases of Mind and Body

The interaction of mind and body,

Thoughts and the nervous system,

Feelings and emotions,

Will and the limbs,

Energy and the spirit,

All affecting each other,

One part of the chain not working,

All the human integrated system

Suffers dysfunction.

Chronic illness and chronic pain,

The mysteries of lupus and sepsis,

Of Alzheimer’s and autism,

Of psychopathology and codependency,

Of strokes and arteriosclerosis,

Of stress and cardiomyopathy,

These diseases of modern society,

Challenge the best of healers,

The greatest spiritualists,

Counselors, therapists, and doctors.

Even the psychics

Reaching across the barrier between worlds,

Plucking the ineluctable from the stream of consciousness,

Still must reach clear to Tao,

To God, Brahman,

To the one without a second,

Struggling to find the truth,

The complex interactions,

The cause proximate to be revealed,

The Way to become clear,

How to heal,

To put the system back together,

To restore personal integrity.

That challenge is very real.


Mountain Lake House


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