Posted by: lecubiste | July 3, 2021

Here We Sit In The Future

Here we sit in the future

It’ s two thousand and twenty-one,

So many ways to having fun,

So much power, engines run,

Space travel, ocean mining,

Gene splicing, computers run

Everything, cars and trains,

Ships and planes,

Hydroelectric dams,

Robotic vacuum cleaners,

It seems that it is all done

At the flick of a switch

Or the push of a button.

The planet, 8 billion humans strong,

Sea ice disappearing,

Coal burning and methane leaking

In the arctic tundra,

Melting in the sun.

Climate caught in a positive feedback,

Thermal blanket of CO2,

Still the wars go on,

Afghanistan, Syria, Africa too,

The battle for power and territory,

Just as in the olden days,

Soldiers in the field

By swords run through.

Crime unabated, government corruption,

Rape rampant, pandemic everywhere,

So much technology, and yet

Extinction coming true.

Where is salvation

In this dark future

Of droughts and heat waves,

Of famines and floods,

Of overpopulation,

Of the Crips and the Bloods,

Of gang warfare, cocaine and fentanyl,

Of prisons and poverty,

Of prostitutes and generals?

Indeed salvation, if there is such a thing,

In this chaotic climate,

In this frightening scene,

Wildfires burning in California and Oregon,

In Europe and Siberia.

Who will stop the burning of gasoline?

Who will develop some new criteria

For how the fruits of labor are distributed,

How to share the benefits

Of increased productivity,

From AI and algorithms, from automation,

From extraordinary wealth to economic democracy.

A change needs to come in the ways that matter

In how human beings treat one another.

Out and out competition is killing the planet,

Sisters fighting sisters, brothers fighting brothers.

A new spirit of cooperation is needed,

Kindness and generosity,

Integration among nations and tribes

Is the key.

Our narratives are filled with wars and death,

Of hatred and revenge,

The World needs a new vision of itself,

The old one portends mayhem and destruction

On a planetary scale, no peace can be rendered

When hearts and minds are occupied

With post-war reconstruction.

We are all so similar:

Europeans, Asians,

South Americans and North,

Africans and Australians.

We are all governed by the laws of nature:

Physics and chemistry,

Math and biology,

Societies are expressions of individual

Needs and priorities,

Yet it is time for us to grow up.

Giving in to selfish passions

Has to Stop!


Saturday, July 3, 2021


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