Posted by: lecubiste | July 18, 2021

Dear Cathy

Dear Cathy,

Simplified mind,

Monkeys and horses,

Planet of the Apes,

Around the world,

Broken suitcase,

Rome on trains,

North to Milan,

Zurich, Frankfurt,


Wedding in Mensano,

Art museums in Paris,

Giverny, Provence, Cezanne,

Multiple perspectives.

So smart, 

So gifted,

So talented,

Mongolian Han Chinese,

Genghis Kahn’s great-granddaughter,

Van Gogh and Rembrandt,

Hospital in Beijing,

Flight to Phoenix,

No pain pills,

Hyssop by the bottle,

Kindest, friendliest,

Great painter,

New citizen,

Excellent wife,

Tai Chi on the Great Wall,

High speed goddess,

Buddhist granddaughter,

Temples in Putuo-Shan,

I Ching partner.







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