Posted by: lecubiste | October 4, 2021

The Closing Circle of Human Responsibility

As we examine the causes of pollution,

The steel mills, the oil wells, the land fills,

Whenever we use something,

When we mine or log or plow,

Everything goes somewhere.

Nothing just goes away.

Fly ash from coal mines,

Plastic waste goes to oceans,

Smog from tailpipes,

It all accumulates on the earth,

In the air, in the water.

How can we be so thoughtless and inconsiderate?

So irresponsible!

History has shown that

The circle will close,

The cycle will be visited upon

The next generation in the form of

Pollution, waste, ecological disruption,

Economic disaster, even the rising of oceans,

Floods, drought.

Responsible analysis must become part of

Human conduct at all levels.



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