Posted by: lecubiste | October 11, 2021

I was in Cairo once

Invited to a wedding at the Nile Hilton,

A famous newscaster came up to me at the reception and shook my hand.

I had learned not to project my personality at people. I breathed.

‘You don’t seem to understand. I am a famous Egyptian newscaster.’

I breathed.

Achmed, the pyramid climber, invited me to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza the next morning at 5:30. I passed. Finally I went on the tour.  I lay in the stone sarcophagus in the king’s chamber.  Afterwards, all the skin on my hands dried up and fell off.

The war in Kuwait soon started. Egypt spent all its solar money on tanks. Ra, the sun god, breathed.



BRG Prescott

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