Posted by: lecubiste | November 2, 2021

Why Developing Nations Say that They Shouldn’t Have to Conserve as Much Energy

  • CO2 is cumulative.  Every year adds to the preceding total

  • The history of CO2 buildup goes back to the beginning of industrialization, roughly the invention of the steam engine in 1769.

  • While many countries have been industrializing for centuries, the G20 for example, more recent industrializing countries are much less mechanized now. 

  • As a result, the industrialized nations have contributed most to CO2 buildup. They have benefitted most from industrialization, whereas less industrialized countries have contributed much less, and have benefitted less. 

  • Thus, the less industrialized nations feel that they are treated unfairly by being asked to reduce CO2 emissions at this early stage of their growth and development.

  • This is China’s argument for why they should not have to reduce CO2 emissions so much.

  • This equity question would be valid in most circumstances, but in this climate crisis, it is technical fixes that are most needed, and everyone needs them as much as possible and as soon as possible. Otherwise, all countries will suffer.

  • Reducing energy consumption, particularly of fossil fuels, is needed as broadly as possible.

  • Energy conservation is still not embraced globally for the same reasons as above. What gives the modern era its appeal is the consumption of energy and material resources.

  • That combined with rising populations makes for a global crisis that if ignored will lead to unprecedented disaster.

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