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The Prevalence of Insincerity

In advertising, smiles hide

The true intent: breaking sales resistance down

To the exchange of money for the acquisition of

Products useless in functionality.


Actors parrot, mimic real people so

You can imagine yourself needing

Pills to stop an itching leg, for example,

With no thought to making a wise decision.


So we are taught by example

To lie in everything we do.

So reality TV is anything but

Honest or real, more a charade.


Culture commercialized, artfully insincere.

The whole society will come crashing down.

Advertising everywhere, naming rights of stadiums,

Product placement in films and television.


Sincerity is the connection

Between the heart and the soul.

Falsified, it withers

The sense of the sacred, of true belief.


When we speak in sincere tones,

We communicate from our hearts,

Our connection to the Great Spirit made,

The magic of life discovered.


This is the true power of speech,

Whence comes great  song and poetry.

Without sincerity we merely repeat a ditty

Concocted by a mercenary wordsmith.


No less so is all art with an ulterior motive,

Contrived subject matter in a forest scene,

Idealized cabins with a creek and flowers,

Pathetic surrealism that ruins the dream.





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Two Poems for my Birthday

The Dance of the Heart


The heartbeat of the world,

Life pulsing, pumping,

Trees growing,

Sun shining,

Crickets chirping,

Crows cawing,

Wolves howling,

Whales singing.


Blood flowing,

Lungs breathing,

Life forms living.

The heart dances silently, steadily,

Billions of hearts beating

In time, in rhythm,

Drumming to the sound of



Victoria Estates



Oh Jesus!


Two Millennia have passed.

Your vibration yet echos,

Throughout the world.

Your ashes and dust mix, blend

With the sea spray,

Floating on the winds.



Victoria Estates


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Life has its pleasures


Life has its pleasures,

Its feasts, its adventures, its comforts.

Its joys, its secret rendezvous,

We are all programmed by Nature

To satisfy our inborn desires.


Yet Nature and Life may block our secretions,

Our goals, our objectives, our targets.

Frustrated, we turn to other methods

To titillate and scintillate our senses:

Food, drink, drugs, and driving;

Sex real and imagined;

Rage, violence, and destruction;

Freud’s sublimated impulses –

These cause civilization’s discontents.

All manner of socio and psycho pathologies-

The rapists and the killers,

The con artists and grifters,

The fakes, thieves, quacks, and impersonators –

All frustrated at a very early age –

Diverted from nature’s organic path,

Chasing substitutes for ordinary pleasure.



Prescott, MAG




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The Interconnectedness of the Relative Theories of Change


The interconnectedness of the relative theories of change flow continuously throughout the structural matrix of abstract causal planes, which course internally and externally regardless of the basic laws of such things as fluid dynamics, evolutionary molecular biology, the works of Freud, Newton, Darwin, Nietzsche, Einstein, literature, poetry, art, and sculpture.

What’s more, the neoPlatonic works of continuously changing energy platforms in differing parallel universes, succinct and simultaneously profuse and profound, echo off the backwalls and faults of the Megacube, the literal and metaphoric neo-structure of the universe.

In short, everything changes.


Fondacion de Louis Vuitton, Paris


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We All Have Our Faults

We all have our faults and misunderstandings,

Our passions that from time to time control us.

Yet when we realize the truths of Life,

A seriousness of attitude overtakes us.


Smoking causes lung cancer.

Fossil fuels are  heating the Earth.

Pornography and prostitution are part of the slave trade.

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug.

Guns may not kill people,

But people kill people with guns.

Wealth is not the goal of religion,

Overpopulation threatens the world.

The environment we destroy is our Mother.

Prisons are universities of crime.

Millions stay sick because they don’t care about themselves.

Many religious leaders are feathering their own nests.

Most politicians are controlled by wealth and power.

Over-indulged children are spoiled.


Life and Death are equal and opposite,

The one cannot exist without the other.

To clear out all the fantasy and illusion,

Reveals the real world, free of distortion.


Victoria Estates


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That whole Zen thing about the Ego

Shrinking the ego out of existence,

Witnessing the Dark Night of the Soul,

Understanding the meaning of true humility,

Allocating to the the ego its proper role,


This is the goal of zen meditation,

The monastic existence, the end of desire,

Exactly as Siddartha suggested,

Following the 8 fold path is required.




Victoria Estates



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The Fountain

Cathy at Geneva


Raging waters rising,

Swirling, climbing,

Not subject to gravity,

Rising towards the heavens.

The artist released like a 

Glider, soaring,

Creating, inspiring,

Floating down to Earth.

Painting, poetry, architecture,

Sculpture, film making,

Like Christo’s fence,

New art project,

Banners in Central Park,

Symphony of beauty,

Imitating God.



Victoria Estates


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The Elevation of the Soul

The elevation of the soul

Reaches dizzying heights in rock and roll –

Stairway to heaven, journey home –

Bathing in ecstasy, spirits roam.

Spiritual energy flows,

Vibrates in rhythm, head to toes.

The power center rises up,

Balloons floating to the top.

Groundless liberation is achieved-

Angels in the clouds, souls relieved

From the entombment of the mind,

The doorway to infinity to find,

To channel the music of the spheres,

Mozart, Dylan and their peers,

The dance of Siva to return,

The purusha, inner flame, to burn.






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The Great Race

The triathlete slips into a higher gear.

The Maui landscape floats by,

The island in the ocean

That feeds the human species,

While we dump into it our trash.

The race is on:

Will we destroy our planetary environment, or

Will we become responsible global managers first?

Will we burn up all the fossil fuel needed

To choke the air and heat the globe, or

Will we learn to conserve and share our earth’s bounty?

Will we grow a larger awareness of the damage we are doing and

How to fix it, or

Will we bludgeon each other through old tribal hatreds.

Can we grow up and stop destroying our ecosystems, or

Will we drown in our own pollution?

Can we become planetary citizens, or

Will we retreat into racist xenophobes,

Hiding in separatist enclaves.

Icebergs melt while islands of plastic trash float in the oceans.

Environmental organizations struggle to preserve threatened species.

War plagues the world, while disease and famine kill millions.

The United Nations seeks international cooperation.

Fires burn, drought sizzles, hurricanes destroy.

Trees are planted, protesters protect rain forests.

Chemicals poison water supplies,

Water conservation moves forward.

The Paris treaty is signed by all countries.

The biggest polluter withdraws.

This is a race! Can we change how the world operates in order to save ourselves,

Or will we destroy it first?

Can Love, Wisdom, and Courage

Overcome fear, greed, and selfishness?

There is yet hope.


Prescott, AZ


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The Integration of Space and Earth

The mind enters heaven slowly.

Einstein and relativity,

Tesla and AC Power,

The abstract and imaginative,

Picasso.  Mondrian. Pollack.

Slips gently into an ethereal world,

Formless, shapeless, infinite.


The body touches the earth.

Feels warm, wet, soil.

Tastes, touches, smells

The incontinent old goat,

The guts of a squid,

Nails and screws,

Tacks and hammers,


Steel bridges,

Tools, structures,




I gaze into her eyes,

Longing hidden in that sweet smile.

Is it love or passion?

I see that if I want to be whole,

I must feel everything:

My world,

Her energy,

My strength,

All of it.


6-27-18; Victorian Estates


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