Posted by: lecubiste | June 12, 2018

Ah! My Poor America :(

Ah, my poor America,

The circus has come to town,

Elephants and bareback riders,

But this time It’s the evil clown.

Russian bears assault the crowds,

Guns are fired frequently,

Victims lying on the ground,

Backroom deals made secretly.


Our friends from far away are chastised

While our enemies are invited in.

Thieves and robbers have been turned loose,

Pickpockets amid fraud and abuse.

The ringmaster cracks his whip, and

Dancing girls appear,

Though this time they are prostitutes,

Blackmail, extortion, fear.


Our only hope is the old bulldog,

Patriotic to a fault,

Backed by the Media, Courts, and Congress,

To bring this madness to a halt.


NBS  6-11-18 

Prescott Valley



  1. Loved this. Well imagined, well said. I fear for America’s democracy right now. Hope all’s well with you and Cathy!

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