My name is Neil Bethell Sinclair.  I am a writer and a poet living in Northern California.  The purpose of this blog is to share my inspirations with others, my writing and poetry that comes to me, allowing my spirit to fly free. 




  1. hi neil.
    ive been using the i ching for many years….i use a somewhat simpler method….3 coins….throw them…first result written down…throw again…second result written down below first one etc etc…six times…then to make up the trigram….i invert the coin results and write the trigram like that…it works for me and i find the readings very intuitive. but i agree with you…its not a toy or a parlour game….in this present world of ours, people want instant gratification…well, they aint gonna get that with i ching…..it teaches us to slow down…think slowly, logically, look at things tangentially even….then arrive at the conclusion….great blog you have here anyways!

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